Anybody have a daughter with long hair? If so, then you know that combing their hair every morning can be a fight! There are tangles and tangles galore! I have tried all the "no tangle" brushes and they have been a disappointment. They do allow you to comb without hurting her head, but they don't make the hair look good at the same time! They make it fuzzy.

Lucky for us, we had the chance to try out this brush - - it's an anti-tangle, anti-static brush that really works.

It looks and feels like a real brush - maybe a bit lighter - but it does a great job combing hair and without as much pain. My daughter loved this brush and will not allow any others to be used!

The good news about it being so light is it can be used by children too. It's not too heavy for them to manage. It looks nice and does a great job. I would highly recommend this to moms and anyone that has to comb out long hair.

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