Laundry Paste - A review of my experience #tangie

Recently, I've been frustrated with the way big corporations our poisoning us. Let me count the ways - industrial pollution, harmful chemicals in our food, franken food products, harmful chemicals in our household products....and so much more.

I am so sick of it! I refuse to buy from brands that intentionally harm us with this garbage! So I was happy to give this Laundry paste a try.

It's inexpensive to use and ship because it comes in a solid bar.
It didn't have a weird smell and did a good job cleaning. I did find it akward to use. I saved an old laundry detergent bottle and mixed/kept the solution in that bottle, but it didn't always dissolve well. I probably should have grated the soap first. The look was unappetizing (it looks like poo) but it did a great job and if I could get myself to grate the bar first, I think it would be a great option. I am considering buying it again.

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